How to build a stockpile 1

Batteries grab them!! RUN TO THE NEAREST STORE!!! Ok  so you have not prepped and the shit hits the what???The power and water are out, the economy crashes big time, what ever it is you know it is big and you have nothing or have not finished stock piling! This can last you a few months!Go to grocery store have each family member fill carts. FIRST GO straight to the Flashlights and battery's for them get as many battery's as you can find these are ALWAYS the first thing to go. Go to that canned meat section and grab a variety-Mac and cheese is a comfort food grab a bunch-Peanut butter and jelly 5 ten jars each-Tomato sauce (10 jars =20 pasta or rice meals) And grab 20 or so can of tomato paste to-Cookie and crackers grab 10 of each at least 10 of the crackers-Chocolate (I would grab a crap load of chocolate.

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